What is laser marking?
A process in which a coherent beam of light transformes the molecular surface of a material and leaves a debris free permanent mark. Every manufacturer must identify the parts that they produce.

Why choose Knight Laser for all your laser marking needs?
Knight Laser
provides the ability to permanently mark your product. Just think, your product with your logo, part number, date or time stamp on it. Knight Laser can personalize your laser marking application to suit your needs. From your company logo to serial or part numbers, Knight Laser is capable of marking on any part configuration and material including: metals, plastics, rubber, composites, ceramics, glass, anodized materials, painted materials and backlit components to name just a few.
Some Items We've Marked:
   • Piston Rings
   • Fuel Injectors
   • Ink Pens
   • Backlit Buttons
   • Aircraft Connectors
   • Hardened Tool Bits
   • Integrated Circuits
   • Scissors
   • PC boards
   • Hair combs
And much more!  
Materials We Can Mark:
   • Metals
   • Plastics
   • Rubber
   • Composites
   • Ceramics
   • Glass
   • Leather
   • Anodized Materials  
   • Backlit Components

To name a few.

Information Marked:
   • Part numbers
   • Serial Numbers
   • Date Codes
   • Lot Codes
   • Barcodes
   • 2D Matrix Codes
   • Alphanumerics
   • Logos
   • Graphics
   • Schematics
The list goes on.
Knight Laser provides the highest quality laser marking service using the latest computer controlled technology. Our state of the art laser marking system is only exceeded by our desire to produce superior results!
Contact us: info@knightlaser.com