These are only a few of the hundreds of items we can lasermark for your company.
These ball point pens are smooth writing and available in both dark grey and blue colors. Also these pens provide comfortable writing with a simple click of the pen top. Engraving reveals a frosty white color, nicely accenting the classic look and feel of this pen.
Marble Tiles
These high quality jet-black Marble Tiles are perfect for hallmarking personal messages, remembrances and even company awards. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – laser engraving directly on the Marble Tile reveals a frosty white color for excellent contrast.
All the Marble Tiles are 5/16 inches thick and have a finished or beveled edge.
Aluminum Labels
Now available in Satin Labels with adhesive backing as well as sheets of 12x20 inches, Alumamark has become the standard for i.d. plates, plaque plates, name tags and dozens of other applications. The material works ideal with photographs, highly detailed graphics, small text and large fills.
Anodized Multi-Tools
These Multi-Tools are equipped with an array of useful tools and are available in red, blue or black.

Stainless Steel Beverage Mugs
The Stainless Steel Beverage Mugs are convenient for hot or cold beverages. Available as 16 oz. sizes in three distinct styles, these CerMarkable products are fabulous for custom engraving anything from corporate logos to personal messages.
Chrome Plated Steel
License Plate - Polished

These Chrome Plated Steel License Plates are fantastic for engraving a custom message or even specialty advertising. Fitting the standard License Plate Frames, this License Plate is simple, yet elegant.
The Chrome Plated Steel License Plates will engrave a dark black color with the use of a CerMark Metal Marking Product.